Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene Refers To All Functioning Processes That Ensure Data Is Devoid Of Contamination.

Data can be considered dirty when it consists of errors; it is outdated, duplicate or incomplete. In the simplest words, we can say dirty data is incorrect data.

Importance of Ensuring and Maintaining Data Hygiene

It is vital to ensure and maintain data hygiene because clean data enhances efficiency in generating leads, correct personalization’s, proper lead tracking, and optimally handling customer service issues.

Processes That Ensure Flawless Data Hygiene

Ensuring that your team maintains precise data hygiene is crucial. And for that, the following two processes are the most fundamental

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Digital consultancy 86 %
Mobile Marketing 52 %
Reputation management 40 %


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Most Effective Data Hygiene Practices

Data hygiene practices must be given primary importance. And some of the best data hygiene practices include initiating an audit, focusing keenly on details, eradicating unnecessary information, and keeping data hygiene on top of one mass cleanse
Key Coding
It involves associating an inevitable identifier to every record in the files, which is for noting the origin and significance.
This process involves removing names, emails, addresses and records of telephones that are present multiple times in the system.

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